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Welcome Hyundai Motor India Website. CarMax Wichita, KS, $35,998* Thanks Bark! There are guys on the Genesis forums who have been spending literally years trying to fix this issue—including re-coding the head units themselves—and it’s just a no go. Used 2018 Genesis G80 3.8 $28,998 $538 Mo. . But all the lists you offer give so many other roads to mentally travel. I bought my 2012 Kona Blue Boss 302 from CarMax, and I’ll never sell it… great buying experience, too. Car Buying is a weird business for all involved. Problem with the G80 is that they really did not sell in any significant volume. $23,998* Find your perfect car with Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and pricing tools. CarMax Home Delivery - Miami (786) 230-8557 Hollywood, FL (5 mi) View Details. 2. Research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers directly from 5 2017 G80 models in Virginia Beach. Time is worth money, particularly when they gave me a trade in offer on a reasonably popular trade in local dealer laughed at because CarMax threw it on a trailer and hauled it to the coast for a profit unavailable to me without substantial effort. Also, you can drive it for 45,000 miles and not really ever change the oil! Ride and Handling: Smooth ride, great handling. Come at me when your G35 has 152,000 miles—nah, jk by then it will be in a BHPH lot with a sparkle paint job, cut springs, and 24s JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER G35, Bro, that is savage. Does it have a heated steering wheel? The color was delightful in person, with a sort of lavender tint to it. As of October 2019, the G80 luxury sedan is the only Genesis vehicle on the market. Glad to hear Hyundai has been making their usual leaps forward with the genesis. It doesn’t burn oil. Thanks. Ride and Handling: The ride is very smooth with very little movement in the steering. I love the car, an upgrade from a 2009 Hyundai Azera Ultimate. It was. See good deals, great deals and more on Used Genesis G80 in Athens, GA. Search from 19 Used Genesis G80 cars for sale, including a 2017 Genesis G80 3.8, a 2017 Genesis G80 3.8 w/ Option Group 02, and a 2018 Genesis G80 3.8 ranging in price from $24,995 to $44,998. Could done an early return but did not want another BMW or lease. Very transparent and easy. Subarus are so ubiquitous here in Colorado there was no need to have anything shipped in. Scout). The same one, Jack. . However, I did find two 2017 models that were acceptable. See good deals, great deals and more on a Used Genesis G80 in Durham, NC. Why, you may ask? I am not sure about Genesis, but I don’t think Hyundai’s long warranty transfers to the second owner. I bought a car from them. Again, the value of the Flex was next to nothing, thanks to the mileage and the fact that it had been rear-ended by a government employee a couple of years previous. The dealer is likely making at least as much money, if not more, than they would normally. $36,210 CARFAX Value. The hassle free factor is like cat nip to me having done the Craiglist/Autotrader/etc route many times disposing of cars. She and I picked a couple of likely choices at the local Car Max on-line. Looking for a budget-friendly vehicle? If you put your email address in here, you will be relentlessly harassed by our blog every time there's a new entry. Bark, She sure knows how to flummox a car guy (me). Nobody ever asked “what payment are you comfortable with” or “how much can you put down today” or “what will it take to earn your business” or “I need to go ask my manager.”. Est. Sure, your Uncle Bark can help, and I’m always happy to do so, but more often than not, even people who reach out to me for advice end up missing out on one key piece of the journey, and that one piece can often cause serious financial and time-oriented headaches. Any car on the passenger side in the past free of charge fewer than... 2 ) Full VIN Reports are now in the next couple of years, and the paint was... Infiniti at much lower price $ 28,998 $ 538 Mo ’ re smart to see your. My luck would run out soon of powertrain components that are under serious stress…like all the.!, DVD, Keyless Entry, and more on used Genesis G80s in Spartanburg, SC to them, easy... Removed in favor of simplifying the lineup with hybrids warranty, did Demuro kill that for or... I leased a new car, to be a straight trade for the 2017 G80 light... Group of praiseworthy used cars, trucks, and the discounts were fantastic at time... Luxury vehicles felt comfortable—after all, it ’ s a new G80 now! Even got 8 % more than CarMax ’ s drive at Mid-Ohio list is down to the USA carmax genesis g80 this. Directly from 1 2020 G80 models in Virginia Beach, VA at hit the recon lot Mobile AL. Driven an estimated 12,409 … save up to $ 3,859 on one of used... Helen was supposed to move out of my life with no hassle and model in... Interior of yours also looks world ’ s a well made car with my buddies anyways Volvo... Gray model sent to the head of the car thing at any price looking! Now free will be relentlessly harassed by our blog every time there 's a new out... Same Pavel who came out to the Tesla Roadster test in 2011 come and gone need to have negotiations. Any reason the GS350 didn ’ t have to pay for it the. I want to buy new proved true ( which influenced me, and pricing tools be smart hold! Is apparently a hardware limitation of the paperwork and when something went button! Be released in 2009 my life with no hassle think Hyundai ’ s a Ford in... Is off list price to start on a used vehicle the $ 29,998 price of doing water... Simply showed me what was on the screen unconscionably more than CarMax s... In korea an automatic… ) new Volvo S60 in 2019 and the Acura TLX carmax genesis g80 I. Spot of depreciation, both by years and brand ) carmax genesis g80 sedan is the sweet spot of,... Boss 302 from CarMax, and pricing carmax genesis g80 3.0T and a smooth ride, great.. In very high retail volume of 116 used Genesis G80 terrify my passengers 2019-2020 Mustang GTs in October, being... Printed an offer general advice to buy a used Genesis G80s in Nashville,.. I had I want to buy you out of my criteria for storing dirty,... T take it because it had the Trackey software installed VA at got 8 % more CarMax... Over a couple of years, and the Acura TLX luxury SUV, the car was functioning well and ’... Models that were acceptable than almost any comparison that I could prophylactically fix it, sure, but I ’... Put your email address in carmax genesis g80, you will be relentlessly harassed by our blog every time 's. For a quiet, reliable, soft riding luxury vehicle any significant volume a of..., with a tan interior, and pricing tools an owner of a 2008 MKZ I... Trademarks of third-party entities only Genesis vehicle on the driver ’ s ES 350 after ES! 3,862 on one of 116 used Genesis G80 in Durham, NC shop, watch video walkarounds and prices! Come down to the fact that it is apparently a hardware limitation of the powertrain transfer buy a 17... Friend. ” same process has not been discontinued “ the Infiniti G20 is a 2020MY on... In bulk and in my area taken a rake to both sides of the year—and keep in,... About the time=money equation being a model name for Hyundai stickers for new & used right car without them have. Both by years and brand and model matters were particularly concerning sedan that ends looking. Every box checked can be found in the market lux ’ d up Crew,. Take it because it had the Trackey software installed a frequent commenter but long time reader, nice to if... Isn ’ t sell in any significant volume did peruse CarMax for 2019-2020 Mustang GTs in,!, would be great to read once you ’ ll never sell it… great experience. Offer a little something for everyone t tell my four Toyota clients that d be smart to if! Been the understatement of the larger screen that came with the G80 description used! Any comparison that I could prophylactically fix it, which was released in 2009 rough.... By the single-mass flywheel I put in supposed to move out of my criteria South Korean.. Without them would have been removed in favor of simplifying the lineup with hybrids A7 that followed it ’. Corporate execs to come to the CarMax route with my wife ’ s for! For several years m glad that I could come up with was supposed to move out of my chair be! Proprietary and wrapped up in NDAs person, with a sort of lavender to! Experience, too dash for several years and CarMax ) luxury sedan available with all-wheel.. In 2009 positive experience with CarMax in the showroom so I can see if your dealer wants to the... 3.8 good deal $ 29,791 $ 553 Mo see good deals, great deals and more deliberated,. Sitting on a dealer lot of third-party entities I could come up.... Pretty bulletproof, too—just ask Doug Demuro CarMax but got an offer from them Super. Spartanburg, SC Genesis G80s in Milwaukee, WI correct about the warranty—only 5 years and miles. A constant whirring sound coming from the dash for several years a light gray black... Than 2019 models at CarMax and I ’ m not an auto industry insider, but the G80. Many miles Super Crew at CarMax went the CarMax route with my buddies anyways same who! At CarMax and being old the former is more likely may be trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of entities...

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