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Examples of selective media include: Thayer Martin Agar used to recover N. gonorrhoeae contains antibiotics; vancomycin, colistin and nystatin. These are classified into six types: (1) Basal media, (2) Enriched media, (3) Selective media, (4) Indicator media, (5) Transport media, and (6) Storage media. Selective media such as TCBS Agar used for isolating V. cholerae from fecal specimens have elevated pH (8.5-8.6), which inhibits most other bacteria. dgdrb On the other hand, What Is Selective Marketing?. Selective and Differential Media 5.2 Reproduction, Growth, and Survival: The Prokaryotic Some media are both selective and differential, that is, they are able to select against the growth of certain organisms while the organisms that do grow may exhibit some differential growth characteristics. Selective medium is designed to suppress the growth of some microorganisms while allowing the growth of others. 1. For example, organisms that can utilize a given sugar are easily screened by making that sugar the only carbon source in the medium. • L.J IS A SOLID MEDIUM USED FOR MTB LOWEINSTON JENSON 22. Examples of Selective media • Campylobacter Agar (CAMPY) is used for the selective isolation of Campylobacter jejuni subsp. Basal media are those that may be used for growth (culture) of bacteria that do not need enrichment of the media. jejuni from fecal or rectal swabs 21. Selective media allow certain types of organisms to grow, and inhibit the growth of other organisms. BASAL MEDIA. Examples: Types of culture media.pptx 2 1. Selective marketing can reduce the cost of your small-business marketing while increasing … View Selective and Differential Media fall 2018 (1).pptx from BIOLOGY MISC at Henderson State University. described below and will be used in the laboratory exercise. b. Enrichment culture medium. TYPES OF CULTURE MEDIA MANNITOL SALT AGAR (MSA) SELECTIVE MEDIA AND DIFFERENTIAL MEDIUM Dr Yousef Elshrek 2. Selective marketing attempts to eliminate guesswork and waste in small business marketing and replace it with precisely targeted efforts. Selective medium is agar based (solid) medium so that individual colonies may be isolated. PPT presentation of microbiology lab exercise teaching students about specialized differential and selective bacterial growth media: MacConkey's MAC, Mannitol Salt MSA and Blood Agar BAP. Media classification and function Selective - Contain inhibitory agents that are inhibitory to all organisms except those sought Differential - Contain factors that allow bacterial species to manifest certain metabolic characteristics that distinguish them from other species. Enrichment medium is used to increase the relative concentration of certain microorganisms in the culture prior to plating on solid selective medium. Selective Differential Media - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. The selectivity is accomplished in several ways. • MANNITOL SALT AGAR (MSA) • Mannitol salt agar (MSA) is both a selective and differential medium used in … The main difference between selective and differential media is that selective media are used to isolate a particular strain of microorganisms whereas differential media are used to identify and differentiate a closely-related group of microorganisms. Three of the more common selective and differential media are . SELECTIVE MEDIA Those culture media that permits the required bacterium to grow and selectively inhibit unwanted commensals and contaminants are termed selective media. When the same approach is employed for liquid culture medium, it is called enrichment broth. ROUTINE LABORATORY MEDIA .

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