how to copy a selection in photoshop

This will copy your selection and paste it in a new layer. Now I can go to my background image and paste my subject into the scene. STEP 2 Open the image you want to borrow the scene from. With my selection outline now perfectly sized and positioned where I want it thanks to Photoshop's Transform Selection command, let's do something interesting with it. The Paste Into Selection command lets you paste your copy into a different selection. The Fill dialog box appears. When it comes to making selections in Photoshop, there's really two types of people - those who know how to use the Pen Tool, and those who struggle.Most people put off learning how to use the Pen Tool for as long as possible, while others never get around to learning it, believing it's just too confusing, too complicated, … However, depending on your photo, you might have to edit it a little bit more, erasing off some background parts. 2 Choose Select > All to select the entire image. This tool works like a brush: select your brush size, hardness, and spacing, then start painting to create a selection. I am a photographer- often i copy Parts of a picture into a new Layer-and when i cut -i … Well, there's the thing: when I make a selection of a piece of an image, I want to send it to a new layer, BUT I don't want the object move from where it is, just separate in another level. Select a fill color as the foreground or background color. ; Go to the View menu on the right side of the workspace and choose one of the view options, like Overlay, for a more accurate view of your selection.In Overlay view, the selected … In the Color panel, use the color sliders to mix your desired color. You should see your new layer at the top if you did it correctly. Follow this tutorial to see how this is done. ; In the options bar, click Select and Mask to open the Select and Mask workspace. Now that I have my selection, I am ready to move my subject into the new photo. The image is now in your computer’s clipboard, ready to be pasted … You can now see your selection on a transparent background. I just can cut out the content of selection? Create your selection on a layer. Copy the content of Selection is not possible? Press Control-A (Mac: Command-A) to select the whole … I Really need the copy function! This creates a selection marquee around the outside edge of the image. What I always have to do is copy that part to a new layer and then go back delete/clear the original. The Quick Selection Tool is somewhat of a newcomer to the Photoshop selection tool family. STEP 1 Open the photo you want to change using Photoshop Elements. Choose Window→Color. Make a selection with a selection tool, like the Quick Selection tool. I’ll drag in a few guides to help me accurately resize the selection and when they’re in place, I’ll move the upper left corner of the bounding box to the intersection of the guides. Once I see the bounding box around the selection, I’ll click inside the selection with my mouse and drag it over to the area of the green marble. You can learn more about selections in Lesson 5, “Making the Best Selections.” 3 Choose Edit > Copy to copy the selected image area. Step 7: Hide the original layers. However, it’s already proved itself to be far more useful than the Magic Wand Tool. In this dialog box, under Contents, you can select whether to fill with the foreground or the background … I'll quickly copy the selected area to its own layer by pressing Ctrl+J (Win) / Command+J (Mac) on my keyboard: To copy the selection, choose Edit > Copy from the menu bar, or simply hit "control-C" (Windows) or "command-C" (Mac) on your keyboard.-----STEP 7. Choose Edit→Fill.

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