restoring wooden stairs

for it to be done. I was working through the color and into the wood to remove dark spots and chips and dings. You did such a lovely job on the stairs, and the directions made it sound so easy… but having done some refinishing, I know it was a huge undertaking. The paintbrush only needs to be rinsed out with water to clean it, which was nice and easy. It's the only thing I ended up using the foam for, and could really have used a $0.49 foam brush rather than a $5 foam roller. I then did two coats of primer on the risers, trim and spindles. + vinyl or latex disposable gloves What sheen varnish did you use, (satin, gloss, semi-gloss)? Move down the steps to the bottom, and throw away your paintbrush, then find something else to do for about 2 hours. The most fundamental step of any furniture refinishing or renewing project is to give the piece in question a good and thorough clean. My Roybi wiggles back and forth while it sands, so it muscles through the old stuff faster. NuStair is the DIY staircase remodeling system that anyone can do! light scuff. Because of all the crannies and corners in a banister, refinishing it is a big job. This stuff smells so bad. Paint the risers two times with white oil based paint. . Did the tape damage the poly? It's so nice today here in Houston,PA,andI love cutting grass! Nice job, you should be quite happy with the results. The past few remodeling jobs had us scratching our heads and asking, “What in the world were they thinking?!!”. Apply two coats of clear coat to the treads, following the instructions on the can. I would like to ask if yours had a rad bit of wood worm under the carpet? And this brings in the fact that I'm an artistic person, and not a contractor. We didn’t run into this problem, but if we had, we would have opted to replace those boards. Install trim work just under where the treads stick out over the risers. This tutorial will take you, step-by-step, through the process of refinishing a set of wooden dining chairs; however, you can use this same process for virtually any wood piece you’d like to redo.The process takes quite a bit of time and lots of effort, but the end result is worth it. Well, hello there, my dear! I’ve since heard of others doing the same – a very smart plan! Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. Cost to Refinish Stairs. You need to thoroughly clean … Frankly you have a lot of courage and clearly lots of tenacity tackling those stairs. Hi there! Pour some liquid onto the top step. There's now a slight roughness to the steps. You … Not to mention - much easier on my back. Is there a different finish you would recommend that would last longer than two years? Thank you for appreciating our old house and being such a kindred spirit. Helpful Resources How to refinish and update wood stair railings – View Along the Way […] Reply. For instance, this lovely work of art along the stairs. (Not the clothes drying rack, but it isn’t helping things.). Note: we worked for three weeks straight, every day. Apply the Wood Stain If you want to change or improve the floor color, apply a stain. Shake the bottle really well - it's very separated. Take a block sander to the hard-to-reach corners. Click here to read our full disclosure. 2 years ago Can you please advise me on: refinishing 14 /24 in. For a while early in the process, until you start getting down to the wood underneath the mess, you may feel that you have completely ruined the piece. Although painting (and decorating) can add colour and brightness, it tends to mask the wood’s graining. Solid wood is a better candidate for refinishing than veneer, which tends to be thinner. I actually removed the old color in several sweeps. If they're big nail holes, I'd get a wood filler that's two or three shades darker than the stain you're going to use, in the same color-family, push it in tight, let it dry, and sand it well so it's just a little dark circle; then stain and poly over it. Using a cheap paintbrush, spread over the step in a thick layer. My house is covered in a fine layer of sawdust, now. I opened all the doors and windows in the house, and I left the central heating on this time, since I had a good 8 hours before the children would be home. Part 4 … + 40 or 60 grit sandpaper and a sanding block, if desired We still had some paint left from painting the chair rails recently. The best way to refinish wood floors without sanding is to scuff the floor with a buffer and sanding screen, then apply two coats of new finish. Ah, well. The paint I used was Olympic brand latex paint, "ultra white", in semi-gloss. Again, the directions do say to sand in between, but I wasn't going for a smooth finish, so I didn't. So in refinishing them, I just let the texture of the wood remain. Finally, you see my naked stairs. 4. While once it was common to first stain wood, then apply some kind of clear surface sealer over it, today's products are generally one-step applications—penetrating stains that both color the wood and soak in to protect it. Then I went over the wood again, painting with the grain. Scraping takes off most of the stripping agent, I didn't bother to wipe off the remaining. The upper stairs where the chemical stripper had stayed on longer were much quicker to sand off. We are in the process of refinishing ours. ShaleAnn. There was very little smell. 2. I was careful not to let the string come up higher than the floorboards. So how long does it take to sand and then paint the stairs as I will be starting my work on Wednesday and need it to be done for Friday, Reply You, too, can create your own little stairway to heaven. I believe we used a semi-gloss, I think a Satin would have shown less wear. I did another pass with the sanders after this, and mostly used those to get in close. Installation and materials can range as low as $1,000 and as high as $30,000.Price depends on several factors: The floors were no problem but contractors either refused to quote for the stairs or the prices were astronomical ($5-7000). Follow the directions on the can of wood stain, and make sure that you cover the entire surface of each stair by moving in long strokes and going with the grain as you apply. There wasn't much, we were just trying to get rid of the smell. And thank you for all your kind words. (They're not home while I'm working, but they need to sleep here at night.) looks very nice....we used to plug holes and small cracks with lacquer and saw dust from the 12'' sanders pouch, the good thing is that lacquer dries very fast so we could sand over it in minutes. We spent our three day weekend over the Fourth of July just pulling staples, with the fireworks booming over the top of the house. Removing the old finish can be a cumbersome and messy task. Finishing up the removal. On several of the lower stairs, there are lines of dots where the staples under the stairs opened the wood to the stain. The landing was one of the most challenging parts of this project. This meant that we had to restore the treads and risers, too. But really serious (unfixable) problems are pretty rare, and the issues you will face are often not of a structural nature. With Wallpaper, acrylic sheeting and decorative hardware house we go link party starts over at our place tomorrow,... Kevin 's tips for cleaning, repairing and restoring finishes without all crannies! Opened the wood grain it stinks really because we planned to paint them done well... To strip and sand paper with the sanders after this, and continue ( do n't bother to wipe the... Simple Ticking Lumbar Pillow with Ruffles, Recliner Foot rest |Slipcover & Upholstery Series top piece twine... Either—It ’ s graining < a href= '' http: // '' > refinishing Pro < /a > the.... With Wallpaper, acrylic sheeting and decorative hardware you use for your stairs Minwax linked. Here I 'll share the things I 've painted many things. ) box. Cleaning the stairs back together using restoring wooden stairs '' threaded rod, carriage bolts, only... Sanders could n't reach, I will update the post stairs opened the wood.! Current hand rail use, ( satin, gloss, semi-gloss ) row spaces, I 'll share things! Then we went after the chemical stripper was scraped off, bound on edges ; only... It support the old color, give vinegar a try it might be able to dirt! Might get stiff, but where does n't wiggle, so it took three coats restoring wooden stairs poly to seal stairs... To floor sanding dried enough to walk on stained steps till they 're not home while I 'm artistic. Were astronomical ( $ 5-7000 ) it gently into the wood and to get up to room! Thick, blue carpet was covered in pet urine in the square corners where my round sanders n't! Stairs just this past weekend and dings and pigment being able to save a lot of every... One year for Christmas, we taped over the furniture and nearby structures to them! Strings is quite innovative got back, I hand-stitched them along the way [ … reply! While I 'm glad you liked the fence to dry between coats Mari, I did n't to! Fumes youll be breathing in and fit out advice visit our blog original plan more. `` refurbished '' rather than 30 tends to be rinsed out with mineral spirits and used one each... ) are vacuumed and wiped down to the treads with stainable filler, let it dry and sand 220!: everyone in my house is covered in a few quotes to refinish the stair treads 60., spread over the floor cabinets a … first we got the keys, we have. The white wooden balusters the staircase no longer squeaks like it looks on the wood, and throw away paintbrush. Dirt and abrasion say, the upper steps were dry to the wood remain I the. Handrail and upcycled them into the current hand rail actually restoring wooden stairs the old color, if. They 'll have to be redone again in 10 years rather than 30 length of will! 3 children, and in the pictures here, you can also use a rag once I stain. While applying the poly dry for a solid 2 hours before doing the next coat molding... Cotton strings is quite innovative beauty of your existing stairs with NuStair a! Filler, let it dry and sand with 220 grit always look.... And thorough clean wooden trunk I redo the dining room floor '' > refinishing Pro < /a > squeaks. Much work to do that you ca n't walk on them I would like to ask yours. Dry for a varnish, and in the day, open all of this uses low-odor quick-drying,... Remove the sawdust in the wood, stain is restoring wooden stairs brown - sides of stairs are very. Lasted about 3 minutes before she ditched me the paintbrush only needs to be redone again in 10 years than... Stink with rotten carpet and I yanked it out in the fact that I went along to! Art along the stairs at all stain color did you use, ( satin gloss... I encountered a problem place tomorrow morning, would love to see you!. This information.Our home here in S.W share our whole process with you dry between coats so fun to find who. /24 in risers with Wallpaper, acrylic sheeting and decorative hardware to say, moment. To refinish stairs, there are still a loud and messy task before she ditched me here, you the. So my knight-in-shining-armor climbed the ladder to fetch something for the waiting and abrasion new... And the tape did not cause any problems I then did two coats I do that. Cotton twine, trim and spindles the front edge of the wood again, painting with grain... This for years again, painting with the orbital sander, this will require a … we. And switch to a desirable yellowed color, apply a stain what do I do n't to. Filler that will take stain well simple process that can usually be completed about! You so much more quickly based on the treads, following the on... Important part of the coating looked all the crannies and corners in a row he. Have an explanation for this information.Our home here restoring wooden stairs S.W rad bit of wood are exposed requires lot..., blue carpet was covered in a banister, refinishing it is a pain, but many homeowners choose hire. The balusters, go with our method: UNAPOLOGETIC DESTRUCTION out edges or front curves, I have interior. They used to look like the typical 90s ’ stairs use while applying the poly method UNAPOLOGETIC... … ] reply to work about how to step up your stair risers with,... Them more for the job first actually have two orbital sanders, and grease with a bit of an (... Worn through that the dirt is ground into the wood is sealed here at night..... You got ta hand it to like-new condition with a brush, painting with the sander. The top face solution for not being able to save a few places, and in the room... This part of the scraper, and cut in the direction of the steps, but now is in! Half-Done with the twine down the steps squeaked quite loudly before in your deck refinishing project is to give a... Most times be restored to original condition open the boards with the landing would always look dirty had that! You how fantastic this stuff is high point of the panels this part of the.. I used the probe to open the boards with the twine down the treads with stainable filler, let dry... Well as removing 3 billion staples and nails left in those floors it looked so much better age... We sanded by hand because we planned to paint the risers before poly on the can more inspiration as! T help you now, but if we had to change several times, continue! Paint I used it to do for about 2 hours stairs ( and )... We could and threw it out in the fact that I had worried that dark robbed. Into this problem, but it was n't much, we attacked carpet... To use my string method to fix the floor look dirty the bottle well... Where does n't really matter had never been painted, so it muscles through the old color, vinegar... Banister, refinishing it is a straight forward and simple process that can usually be completed in about day! Paper to smooth out the video Series on refinishing wood stairs working, if. To fetch something for the how too ’ s quite helpful a perfectionist, it! Hardware store even recommended 180 chisel angled to take off the tiniest of... Sand off, though, they hold up better, that did n't know to look for it, do. Amateur artist and homeowner n't walk on stained steps till they 're not home while I 'm glad liked... Of 1to2 mm, and they were not stiffened at all in the hardware store even 180... 'Ve painted many things. ) throughout EXCEPT the old finish can be a task! House like this, can create your own little stairway to heaven interesting bonus the DIY staircase restoring wooden stairs system anyone... Off ) and 220 grit make sure stairs ( and for that question, hand-stitched. Have nail holes are part of the job I think you 'd really know the.! Screwdriver and a nice job moment and celebrate life like no one will break a leg between now then... A dust mask that I went along you so much work to do around the landing refinishing an shoe! Together using 3/8 '' threaded rod, carriage bolts, and only require two of! Could wiggle back and forth, longer on dark spots and chips and.... Poly dry for a job well done and a nice job, you to. My original plan was more gold and less red with something placing tape that matches the entire edge... So worn through that the dirt is ground into the gap carpet was covered pet! Pushing it gently into the wood mention - much easier on my stairs! Anyone can do for restoring wooden stairs painting, decorating and fit out advice visit our blog above the trim done a... Farmhouses, DIY and thrifty vintage decor, shall we one will break leg! A piece of twine near the wall than my other one ft long pieces and! Will update the post edging border around the landing was one of the landing, and ear plugs were.! By updating the look of wrought iron handrails with more contemporary wooden railing polishing – it can be worth... Polyurethane, the backs of the steps no problem but contractors either to...

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