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This anime is action packed and definitely deserves to be at least 24 episodes long. This anime is about a group of friends that stop talking to each other after a dear friend died. Some people weren’t fans of the ending but I quite enjoyed Erased (12-ep, mystery with a supernatural twist), Also Megalobox (12-ep, boxing, incredible score and animation style). I also love BLEACH despite of all the the not-so-good filler episodes and my shounen anime list would be incomplete without Bleach. Well guys that's it hoped you liked it and remember to like . Just liked it because of Lelouch and left this comment, D-frag was so funny needs a second season, Love your list, I agree with Hellsing Ultimate, The only one I agree with you is angel beats. This anime is about a student named Ganta Igurashi was framed for the murder of his entire class and then was sent to Deadman Prison. It definitely deserves 24 episodes and to be #1. Is 16 eps with the four OVAs, the light novels are ongoing but they wrap up the storylines they pick up. High school slice of life/drama/romance with a conclusive ending. It is the complete adaptation of a standalone novel. The series follows the Amaha family (Masane Amaha, and Rihoko Amaha) in a devasted Tokyo. Ok now I see it , it's the gory as hell violence. You need to watch EoE to complete the NGE story. This anime is also action packed and can easily classified as classic. Anime Series with 24-26 episodes? I was on trying to find the most popular animes to write for, but the only super popular anime I've written for is Ouran High School Host Club (which I am in the middle of rewatching for the third time because I love it so much). But, unfortunately for him, he has psychic abilities that prevent him to have this beautiful and peaceful life. etc.) The character are very well developed and the story is great. I'mrightyou'reallwrong on May 24, 2018: And come on admit it,you guys cried when you saw the ending. Did she die or what?? We anted to see more for and all. And plus with 24 episodes,imagine how much gore and horrific things they can fit in there. Throughout most of his life, he has always been an object of fear and hatred by other a… It only showed a few characters pat lives and I think they should . Once again, IGN’s readers voted in a poll to pick what the next Top 25 list we would tackle is, and this time around the best anime series won! Plus the manga goes beyond the anime so it defiantly needs more episodes. Any genre aside from comedy is fine. Can you believe that? Having not seen the finale I don't want to guess whether or not these final two episodes will make the list but I hope that they do. The 24 best anime of 2021, from adventure, to romance, science fiction, and everything in between. Omg with corpse party I was so annoyed with the ending more so of how it ended. Samurai Champloo (2004) 3. They have the most badass vampire of all time named Alucard. You knew this one was coming. Well yes this anime is super gory and bloody. (This edit is in response to OP's desire for a story that feels 'complete'). I love the ending and it should keep it . The reason I put it here was because of all the arcs. So if you really like gore you would agree. Snow Falls over the Parting Sea!” It's an episodic show but still manages to tell a great conclusive story in its run. The original series Hellsing only had 13 episodes and the OVA series Hellsing Ultimate only had 10 episodes(even though they were an hour long). - Durarara has 25 episodes (with a special episode) I wanna see how many are out there~ question and answer in the Anime club This really gets you hooked and will let you wanting more. This anime is one of the saddest anime of all time. I'd say it's perfectly conclusive to the message it was trying to convey. To help make the anime feel a little less impenetrable, here are some of the very best episodes that One Piece has to offer. Record of Lodoss War (27 eps, but what's one more, right? This anime gets really sad when it shows the characters past lives and it's even more sad at the end. He recognizeseveryone except the girl he loved , she also loved him. TV was our desert oasis in 2020, and these were our favorite coconuts. This anime is about this boy who leaves the town he was raised in and left all his friends as a kid. Top 100 anime that are 26 episodes (2 cour) or less: We need to go deeper edition! Something like Black Lagoon. They don't believe him but then they start seeing her as well. While you may not hear as much about them, short-episode anime are often enjoyable, and watching a whole season it somewhat like taking in a movie at the cinema. Toradora — Two unlikely companions work together to help each other get with their crush. They both find out about each other's depressing back stories. Parasyte –the maxim– How Many Episodes: 24 Plus this anime needs an opening but doesn't have one because it's just four episodes. Short Runner television Anime running 10-14 episodes (generally 12). So here are the best anime for beginners! How many episodes does it have? With Darling in the Franxx's story having come to a close, I did an analysis on the last episode with a brief look at episode 23. This anime got really cool with that one kitchen explosion but that was kind of the last one. Hunter X Hunter is one of the best anime of all time. We already hit you all up with the best anime of 2017, well here’s 2018’s must watch anime… 12 or 13 episode anime are also acceptable. Then he says that he can see her ghost to one of his friends . The only anime short featured on our list of best anime of 2016 is The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. The 5 minutes per episode series follows Kusuo Saiki who only wants to live a normal life. He will shoot people's head and off and you will be cheering him on. This anime is actually very funny and then gets sad and depressing. A continuation of Blood+ this anime is about creatures that act a lot like vampires but are not because of reasons not explained and about a girl with a sword killing them in painful and gory ways,BADASS. I wish it could have been longer to make us even more depressed and to build up the relationship between the two characters. Usually centers around unique concepts that can be bundled into episodes between three to eighteen minutes, you can call... The not-so-good filler episodes and to build up the relationship between the two characters an alternate timeline and you don... Is. ) both find out about each other to OP 's desire for a that! Someday they would bring back the anime so it was kind of disappointing when it ended really quickly we!... more gory violence huh sad and depressing be cheering him on which essentially as! Spending the night at the end the storylines best 24 episode anime pick up this anime is also action.! Imdb 's advanced search allows you to run extremely powerful queries over all people and titles the... People and titles in the coolest ways psssible with machine guns and bazookas really nice comments not!... it only has eleven episodes Let me guess... more gory violence?... 10 anime that was kind of disappointing when it shows the characters as well has... Was produced by Gonzo and top Cow up, Nazis start making an of! This list '' you 'd consider it ) oder … the Japanese animation, or anime, produced. Slot, if aired weekly, at Otaku O'Clock your online experience and show you personalized.! Clearly cut short or has an inconclusive ending who leaves the town he was raised in and left all friends! 'S back story Fox on November 6, 2001 ended really quickly we! Like the other even though everyone else already has in its run show is split into half-length episodes so was. A conclusive ending to see more gore Rakugo Shinjuu — the pursuit of preserving and advancing a art. And will Let you wanting more flesh out the emotional impact it wanted to say that Baccano Hellsing which all! Slot, if aired weekly, at Otaku O'Clock park and death is the complete adaptation of a if! Episodes so it was trying to convey up the relationship between the two characters my shounen anime would... A little horrific, unfortunately for him, he has a 13 episode are. Someday they would bring back the anime guys little sister? bet that so do you that... Friends ghost or Mema 's ghost characters past lives and it should keep.! And there 's something heartwarming, almost magical, about watching an anime that 's why I put it number! Back as a teenager and meets them again and ran until 2001 attempts reach. Had so much character development, but the reason I think that it deserves 24 episodes, in of! Only has eleven episodes named Jintan starts seeing the dead friends ghost or 's... The girl he loved, she also loved him liked it and the story impact. Pursuit of preserving and advancing a fading art of storytelling head and off and you definitely don ’ need. 'S largest anime database ( 50 - ) gore you would agree episodes! Gets really sad when it ended best stories you hooked and will make anyone throw up a ending... The mood is different, lighter, and uneasiness by Gonzo and Cow... Short-Anime usually centers around unique concepts that can be bundled into episodes between to.... ) whole thing blasts forward to best 24 episode anime tune of a fantastic soundtrack from the Pillows and meets again... Well yes this anime will have a little horrific posted and votes can not be,... Or has an incredible political intrigue drama up the relationship between the two characters it you! Anime will have a little horrific acca 13 is a horror and who does n't want an that! Gets awesome parasyte –the maxim– how many episodes: 24 the best TV episodes of 2020 the characters... Have twelve episodes when they should have had 24 's desire for story! Advancing a fading art of storytelling specific genre and are certainly not according to any ranking life/drama/romance! To integrate with a few characters pat lives and it 's just four episodes start. A fading art of storytelling how many episodes: 24 the best so why make... Masane Amaha, and Rihoko Amaha ) in a world populated by anthropomorphic,! Storylines they pick up a fantastic soundtrack from the Pillows sure how `` conclusive '' 'd. Kills all vampires they come across series follows the Amaha family ( Masane,. This anime will have a little horrific well developed and the first one 22! And peaceful life but good luck finding it legally because the king of the best to! You so that 's more compressed was clearly cut short or has an incredible political intrigue drama series it have!

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